Monday, 30 June 2014

The Beginning of what has already Begun ( In my head )

I have always thought about starting a blog but I have never actually found the appropriate time, enough courage and the motivation to actually start one. It was a goal that I set up for myself at the beginning of this year and I wanted to launch my blogging journey at the beginning of the first semester this year at Uni which just came to an end a few weeks ago. Ok yes I never did achieve that goal! But let me justify myself why I haven't been able to...Before I do that I have to admit that I do have a constant battle with the problem I like to call the 'Lazy P' > Procrastination. Ohhh how I hate that word so much that sometimes I wish Procrastination was a person that I could beat up or maybe separate myself from myself and physically beat myself up. But I have been fighting it and its always a glorious moment when I triumph over the Lazy P, it seriously feels so good. The reason why I haven't blogged till this glorious day is because for the past few months it has been the greatest pleasure of mine to be inundated with curricular and extra-curricular activities that has shaped me so much as a person, memorable experiences which has deepen my spirituality, widened my knowledge and understanding of the world around me and also increased my level of confidence. I just wasn't able to find a descent time to sit down and actually pour my heart out in writing at least a blog post that is worth someones time to read. My time at Uni during last semester was torn between studies and advocacy work. So many things happened, and I feel that some of those key life changing events needs a blog spot of their own. I am not beaten up over not being able to achieve that goal because if one thing I have learned is that I need to be realistic of what I can actually achieve and to take on a load which I can handle. Its all about Quality over Quantity.

So now I have the perfect platform and opportunity to start a blog without any inhibitions as I am currently at a Citizens Constitutional Forum Youth Advocacy Training program. Its semester break so I am very much excited about being part of it in order to keep me away from the boredom of staying at home and doing nothing. As a university student I get too accustomed with all the hustling and bustling and the struggles of attending classes, completing assignments and studying for exams that when there is nothing to do it feels so restless and stressful. Before attending the training my initial goal was to come in and meet new people and make friends with them, make good use of all the privileges such as the free food and free WIFI and atleast learn somethings which I dont have the perfect idea of what exactly I want to learn. Then when the training began the facilitator Dr Vanisha Mishra Vakaoti who is a brilliant blogger herself made us pledge to commit to achieving something within the next 24 hours. We are allowed, actually we are encourged to use social media during the training and while on facebook I came across a link to Dr Vanisha's  awesome Blog site A Life Un-Styled and while reading through, it instantly occured to me that this is finally the moment that I have been waiting to start blogging. I am going to start blogging today itself, there will never be a better time to start the journey than this particular moment. I have many things that I feel passionate about and I have many moments and events which gets me thinking deeply about life. So I feel that maybe instead of just keeping it within the confines of my personal diary and within the personal conversations that I have with friends I could actually write them out in a blog. Experience so far has taught me that as humans we connect with each other one way or another, you know like those moments where we go "Oh my Gosh! I feel the same way too" or "I have had similar experiences like that too." Also  sometimes what people actually say may actually inspire change within us or motivate us more. Thats why I feel that its important to share with as many people as possible what inspires and motivates us or any experience that we face whether it be positive or negative because we never know whos life it might impact out there.
Briefing session before Youth Advocacy training with group member Aatika.
Highlights of last semester, One Billion Rising Flash Mob.