Tuesday, 22 July 2014

New Semester, New Strategies, New Journey.

I am always thankful to be back in school every semester. This is due to the fact that before coming to University I was told many stories of how many young people who leave their homes from my community get into all sorts of nonsense and goes back home not completing their studies. I was constantly reminded of what have happened and what could happen to me if I get carried away by the big city lights of Suva. These stories automatically have become a part of me, manifesting itself as a fear. An alert button that goes off when I am neglecting my studies.That is why I am always on my feet doing whatever I can to return every semester because I don't want to be part of the statistics and plus the humiliation that comes with it. People will definitely have a lot to talk about if that happens.

 Its not only about the humiliation of failing that drives me to work hard. It is also this genuine desire to make my parents happy and to repay them back for all the sacrifices that they have been making for me. On that note during a recent trip back home I heard from my mother how my father had this slight insecurity of whether I will actually remember my family once I become successful. I laughed when my mother told me this, because it is actually something I expected as I haven't been going back home as often as I used to do, I hardly called them. I am glad I was given that opportunity to clear out those doubts and worries. I assured my mother that they are my greatest motivation of why I want to succeed. I want to make them proud and happy. I have a vision of what I actually would like to do for my parents when I become successful. Something like what Halle Berry did for her mother instantly when she started doing well.
So the first week has begun. Its the third day now. As of now all I am doing is trying to get few formalities sorted with regards to classes and the scholarship gang ( I liked saying that because it is the cool way of saying it ). I just recently cleared one of my student holds and I have finally seen my results from last semester. I am impressed by what I managed to get, and that is a hats off to all the hard work that was put into last semester. This semester I will put into practice all the wisdom I have gained from last semester. I will try to do a few things a little bit differently this semester. I hope to put in a few more ounce of heart and soul into my studies. If one thing I have learned from all my role models is that a good education is a necessity, it is a platform where you develop your work ethics and the skill of problem solving. I have seen firsthand the importance of being very critical and in knowing the work that you are doing. We will only be able to articulate ourselves well and win the hearts of people if we have great understanding in terms of information and knowledge. I would like to perceive this semester as a training ground that will enable me to become the person whom I want to be.

This semester I have registered for 4 units; Macroeconomic Analysis, Development Economics, Small Business Finance and Financial Risk Management. By the way I am majoring in Economics in Finance.I am loading up this semester because I want to graduate soon. I just cant wait to receive that degree. This semester I hope to merge my studies with everything that I do, to put into practice what I am actually learning. Who knows I might blog about my assignment topics or any random topic from my classes in general. I hope to spice up my love life with my studies. This semester I want to work on Consistency and Quality. I want to do everything Consistently and make my work of good Quality. I will definitely be blogging about my journey through this semester. Something to keep me engaged. Again "Consistency" and "Quality".

And Semester 2, 2014 begins.