Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Tuesday night I caught the fever.

It was on Tuesday the 16th of July that I happened to catch the Fever. So basically as of the time I am writing this post now I ll be referring it to as Yesterday. So I have been on the road with my travelling bag for the past 3 weeks. The first week was spent in Southern Cross Hotel, Suva for the Youth Advocacy Training, the second week was spent in my favorite hideaway place Nadave for CCF's  National Youth Forum. This week I am in Hexagon HotelNadi for the 2nd Part of CCF's Youth Advocacy Training and this time I am an assistant to the facilitators, change of role from the last one where I was a participant.Travelling like this has been one of my dreams come true. I have been waking up every morning saying 'Life Is But A Dream'.

This is the only picture I managed to find from Yesterday. It was taken before the training's morning tea. 

Yesterday was an interesting day. The day I caught the fever. After the successful completion of the training session  yesterday which ended at 4 pm in the evening, my good friend Vilisi instigated an adventurous idea for us to travel to the neighboring city of Lautoka to watch a movie in the Cinema Village 4 as there is no cinema here in Nadi. I was reluctant to go at first as my initial plan was to stay back in the room, dye my hair brown, watch television and go to sleep early. But then after seeing the hype and excitement of my fellow friends Vilisi, Pene and Marie it was just too hard to resist and I just had to give in and go along with them. Mind you the brown hair dye that I applied was still on my hair when we left. It was cleaned up in the Cinemas washroom sink with low pressure water. Imagine the strugle I faced with black stuff ozzing down my face slowly just before watching the movie Deliver Us From Evil. If someone saw me that person would have freaked out thinking I was possessed with the devil from the movie itself. Great thing was that the only thing packed in my bag apart from my wallet was a body towel. I managed to clean myself up and join Vilisi for the movie. Pene and Marie never found anything interesting to watch so they went for a visit to Marie's house. Mind you Marie is from Lautoka herself.

The movie theatre was occupied by only 4 others apart from the 2 of us. I loved watching the horror movie, the partially empty room gave us more comfort to scream out loud during the scary scenes. I think we spent more time laughing rather then being scared. But I totally agree with the movie of the fact that the existance of evil demonic forces does exist and that sometimes the solution to certain unique problems is not medical intervention but spiritual intervention such as exorcism. I have never seen firsthand an exorcism but I have heard a lot about it from friends and I once heard a possessed girl speaking though a phone. It was so spooky hearing that girl respond to questions asked through the phone by this man who was kind of like an exorcist.
The movie lives up to its name 'Deliver us from evil' and to the Posters advert above.
 Just after the movie we met up with the other 2 adventurers and made a quick stop dinner at this cool restaurant called Tigers restaurant for a quick bite before hoping onto a mini van to head back to Nadi.
It was at the Mini Van that I caught the fever. So initially I was meant to sit with this singer from a very popular band here in Fiji called Makare but then once the van started getting full this woman asked if I could sit at the back because she couldnt fit at the limited space that was available at the back sit of the mini van. I kindly agreed because it was the polite thing to do. At the back seat I was sitting uncomfortably squashed between big people. Just as the van was about to move this gorgeous thing just happened to get in and sit in front on the floor because it was full. As the van proceeded a bit in front a few people got off in the front sit and 2 seats became vacant. With so much relief  I moved in front to the vacant front seat where Mr Georgeous was already sitting in. When I approached him to shift so that I could sit, his instant reaction created a comfort zone that we started conversing straight away as if we have previously known each other. With so much humor he tried to make me confess that I came in front because I saw him. He was also flirting but in a fun and respectful kind of way. We discussed a lot during that 45 mins ride. It ranged from how the weather in Nadi has changed in the past few days which he attributed to my presence here in Nadi to the human heart and how it needs to be wide. Somewhere between Nadi and Lautoka there was a Police checkpoint and the police had to check everyone in the van. Now this is the part where I catch the Fever. So after the van successfully leaves the checkpoint he goes on and tells me this story. He tells me that I should be thankful to him because he just saved me from being arrested and he gives me few lovely compliments of how cool of an On The Run fugitive I look like tonight. He tells me how he is a hero who saved everyone life in the car and especially me who's presence in the car posed a threat to everyone elses welfare. I was just sitting there blown away by his soft and smoothly spoken imaginative stories. He respectfully goes on and tells me that we should meet again soon and he asks me where do I prefer to meet him again but I gave a funny answer because I dont like things planned. Plans never happen, it will be great to meet again soon...but it will be more sweeter if we meet again coincidentally. But nevertheless I woke up early this morning with a Fever.

He told me a story similar to Jay and Beys On The Run Trailer. Today I was feeling Gangstah with a Fever!