Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Week 3. Mouth Widen Open, Staring Blankly At The Wall. Thinking Where To Start.

School has definitely been keeping me on my feet. Also the Extra Curricular responsibilities has also been taking much a huge proportion of my thinking and energy. It is tough to have to focus on school and also at the same time worrying over fulfilling other responsibilities. But I wont complain, I am seeing it as a challenge. A challenge to become an embodiment of my Icons and the following list is in the specific order in which I discovered them and fell in love with them; Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Eva Longoria, Halle Berry, Aishwariya Rai, Kerry Washington and the recent induction Charlize Theron. I admit that I want to be a combination of all these great women who fascinate me so much with their strength, intelligence, work ethics and humility.

I have been part of this Organisation called Rainbow Pride Foundation Limited and it is in its baby stages...It was recently launched this year as a Company Limited by Guarantee. It is a Not for Profit Organization that focuses on addressing and promoting the welfare of people from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) community. I am one of the Directors in the company, I am told that I was chosen because they wanted a good mix in the board of directors and so I happen to represent the youth population. I also happen to be assigned the Treasurers role because of my Finance background and the fact that other Directors have no experience in the business field. The first few tasks that were assigned to me, was to collect membership fees from all the current directors, create a youth wing for the organization and create a new bank account. How has the progress been with these assigned tasks....Big percentage away from completion. It may seem simple, but hell no its a lot of work that requires a lot of running around and very importantly resources. As much as I would like to do all this things to perfection, having scarce resources is one of the limitations that limits what I am capable of achieving. Today after my lecture which ended at 12pm I went to town to get started with the opening of a bank account. They told me to come again tomorrow with all the Original documents so as to formally start the process. To create a business bank account you will first have to have a Business search with a fee charged, so after your business gets approved than you can open a bank account. The amount of documents that is needed, wooo... alot, and I have to admit that I hate the process of collating documents. But I will manage..I think it will not be as hard as it seems, like many things, its usually the big technical names that scares people.

Hope to get all these things sorted out, so that I can wholesomely divert myself to my studies. By the way I have been consistent with my class attendance and tutorial participation. That reminds me...I have a tutorial in 2 minutes time. Ok then see you later.