Saturday, 9 August 2014

Getting More Acquainted With My My Drinks.

I was never a fan of Alcohol and I certainly don't admire Alcoholics because my father was an alcoholic and there were a few bad experiences that reminds me of the ugly side of heavy alcohol consumption. I dreaded the taste of it, and even the smell of it.

As a University student it is a norm or a culture that you got to love alcohol and got to go out partying every weekend.  So eventually I get to come into interaction with alcohol.My friends usually begged me to drink. They took pleasure in seeing me drink, they would usually go 'Please just one glass' and then once I manage to shove that one glass of alcahol down my throat they would insist on few more glasses until I am in the zone with them, DrUnK^^.....

I never saw drinking as a way to relieve stress, as a matter of fact I never really saw any benefit of drinking. However I did enjoy going out clubbing with my friends without the intention of getting drunk. I was always going for the sake of dancing, I love dancing. I love dancing in the club because the atmosphere is very conducive of acting crazy and dancing our hearts out. Another reason is that most people will be too drunk to remember what happened the previous night or maybe they might be too embarrassed of their own mishaps that they don't really care about how others were acting foolish.

It was just recently that I started experiencing a certain level of comfort and joy in drinking alcohol. Now I gulp the drink down without that yucky and dreadful feeling. I think it was during the end of a week long event that I actually developed this sense of appreciation acceptance towards alcohol. It was a very long and exciting week and I think I would have had a nervous breakdown if I didn't join my friends for a few drinks that night. During that drinking session I found great joy, comfort and happiness while sitting down, chatting and slowly getting intoxicated with every glass that I willingly accepted to drink. Many occasional drinks from then onward, I think I would say I have become tougher with holding my drinks, I don't cringe and make a disgust face now as I used to. However I think it is best to drink moderately in order to derive pleasure and relief from it and I will be very careful not to become an alcoholic. There are 2 things I try my best not to become; a slave to alcohol and a smoker of any kind of substance.
There has been many Epic experiences recently while being intoxicated, like this Birthday Wish I wrote to my friend in the Club. I was anxious about my Semester Results so after wishing my friend Happy Birthday, I asked her to "......Please pray for me!! I wanna graduate".