Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Better a Late Post than Never!

Another semester has ended. Its been an amazing one. I have to admit that I felt the power and the grace of God all the way. Well I am not perfect at all, not even a single bit and this semester has not been perfect at all...I am not complaining or trying to get people to sympathize over my situation. No I have never wanted people to sympathize over my sad stories, I always want to be seen as 'everything is good all the time'', but sometimes the physical appearance can say so much so aint no hiding right there. Gosh I cant even cry in front of people it's just too embarrassing for me.

Well I seem to have deviated long way from my original story. As a matter of fact I don't even have a structured plan or outline to what I want to share through this blog post because I am sick and tired of expectations and structure. I just want to pour it all out. Everything that has happened and all that is happening, I want to pour it all out. I cant promise Ill give all the raw truth (somethings are just meant to remain a secret because they are censored) but I promise to keep it real.

Something amazing happened few months ago. It was at the end of August. It was a surreal experience. I never expected in a million years that I would have experienced such a beautiful and breathtaking experience so early in my life. Every single time I get to take a look at those pictures from back then I am like WOW, did that really happen or was it just a dream. Seriously that experience was a breathtakingly amazing experience. I dont think I can say amazing enough to describe all those wonderful moments. I got to live out some of the dreams that I had and also some of those dreams that I never thought I had. To avoid being vague any further (I get told that I am so vague) and to be specific I got to travel for the first time abroad. I traveled to New Zealand and stayed in a very posh hotel opposite Auckland Airport (Novotel Hotel) and I got to roam around a bit in New Zealand soil. It was so cool, the weather was so cold. I never thought it was possible for an environment to be that cold when the sun is shining, I thought its gets cold to that extent when it snows.

Well there were few hiccups, minor ones that were quickly forgotten. One of the most unexpected amazing things that happened was that I got to meet my favorite New Zealand artists, I got to be in the same flight with them and I got to meet them again in the second destination; Samoa. I got to see them perform 2 times in Samoa, one was a brief private performance and the other one was a full  concert. I loved that show, I was crying when my favorite song called 'I love you' was sung by one of my favorite New Zealand artist Aaradhna live. The song reminded me at that moment of my younger days and the many dreams that I use to have. Standing there seeing her performing that song Live got me crying because I never expected it and it felt so surreal at that moment.

The main reason behind my travel was to attend a Youth Leadership training that was held in Samoa. It was a huge was privilege and an honor to be a part of it. I learnt so much from that experience and I made great connections with all  the other participants. The participants comprised of a single young person from each Pacific Island nation even including Australia and New Zealand. I still keep in touch with them. Its like now I have a friend in every island in the Pacific that I could holla at whenever I am in their Islands. We are all like connected now. Meeting the leaders of the Pacific personally, attending the SIDs Opening Ceremony was part of a category of the highlights. Another category of the highlights was the great experience of being on the Cruise Ship. The service and the food was amazing...It was Amazzzinnng! I will also never forget the crazy intoxicated nights on the cruise ship and off the cruise ship, woo I just get so breathless thinking about them, because they were just that too good. I loved the whole trip and I am greatful to the U.S Embassy for first of all choosing me and very importantly for the great once in a lifetime opportunity.

Posing for the camera with my favorite New Zealand artist, the very talented Aarahdna. 

'The view!' of Samoa from the Deck in the Ship. 

Sitting outside the Pacific Jewel Cruise Ship

Attending a dinner hosted by the Samoan Ambassador to China for some Chinese investors with my very good friend from Cook Island.

So once I came back from Samoa, it was back to reality for me. I never got too depressed after that as I initially thought I would. Well just a bit of heavy feelings here and there but nothing major. I dived back into life here at University and I got busier with school. I still do keep in contact with my new friends from Samoa. 2 of my Pacific Island friends that I made back in Samoa came to Fiji recently, they came to Fiji around the same time and I had a crazy time with them, we basically continued the great time that we were having in Samoa. I guess I am rest assured that Samoa never ended, because it was just the beginning of greater things to come.

Life continued and many fascinating things happened. I am now more determined to reach my goals and dreams. I now have a new form of assurance that I will eventually reach there because I have something called Faith. I may have gotten to loose control a bit but with a prayer made to God everything fell into place perfectly and strategically and also problems were fascinatingly solved. Through these miraculous experiences I learned many things like to never hold on too tight and never to carry a heavy load that you cant handle. If its heavy, it is heavy. You got to let go of few things and lighten your load. I am 21 years old and I am growing and I will continue growing.