Saturday, 23 May 2015

Have or Have not: We are all unimaginably powerful!

Once me and a good friend of mine +Mesui Toganiyadrava discussed about how this world seems so unfair. We were both at the lowest points in our lives, we were exhausted and feeling a little bit hopeless. We emotionally and reflectively talked about how for some people they seemed to be given everything in life; the talent, the natural good looks, good relationship, wealth, intelligence and confidence. Whereas for other people like us we have to struggle and endure so much pain in this world. That conversation had to be one the most memorable conversations, it was very intimate and it really defined my friendship with that person. It was also a defining moment in my life, from then onward it made me very accepting of reality. I think it pushed me a step closer to maturity.

As we grow older, we start to get a lot of bruises and I think that makes us react to situations in a much more deeper way. I go to church and during praise and worship sessions I usually watch older people as they dance, cry and sing passionately and I know that's because they have lived long enough to get as many bruises that they need healing. Some things can build us up and some things can break us down if we are not spiritually prepared for it. From that day I had that conversation with my friend about unfairness in this world, I underwent a journey (nothing fancy...just a bit like a spiritual journey) that led me to this blog post.

My perception has changed since then. With this new perception I feel that I have become more confident and content with all that I have been given in this life. I think we must not be intimidated by anyone because at the end of the day we are all flawed human beings. We should not to get disheartened seeing other people having it good in life because like my inspirational beauty queen Michelle Phan  says in one of her videos; most people like to showcase their best lives but that doesn't mean they don't have problems so lets all go ahead have a smile on our faces. Let's showcase to the world our best lives. Whatever unfavorable situation we are in, we should always be optimistic and forward looking with a vision of what our best lives will look like once we have gone through that trial. See it as a test, see it as something that will make us become a better person, better at what we do. When we get punched in the face, let's stand back up stronger and continue fighting the good fight. Another problem we have to deal with is the naysayers. Yup the naysayers, they can be really frustrating to deal with. What I usually do is to take the negative power that they emanate and use it as a force to prove them wrong. 

Whats really interesting about each one of us is that we are uniquely created. We should all seize that uniqueness and make the best out of it. I heard from somewhere that it is not about how much we have but what we can make out of the little things that we have. I think that God rewards those who are grateful. With a simple pencil and a simple book, we can write a best selling book or draw designs that becomes a successful fashion life. I think that talent is not just singing and being able to win gold in a sport. Talent comes in all varieties of shapes and sizes. Talent is a product of love and passion. Like Beyonce say's in one of her videos "Once you realise the thing that makes you passionate and the thing that makes you stay up at night, the thing that you would fight for..once you realize those things and you are working towards that...its preety much HAVING IT ALL!!"  

So may you be filled with so much love and positivity & always remember to live your best life.