Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Maybe it not that complicated.

At times when everything is simpler, still the mind plays up and make it look more complex. So Today I got myself thinking 'what about if it was just as easy and simple as.....?'. There is always complications somehow, every now and then. Yes I like to think of all these challenges as part of the greater plan but then sometimes I think it is just the mind being over melodramatic and creating more hurdles and obstacles that are not even there.

So this is actually 1 week away from finals for me and I have been studying slowly. My exam timetable is just perfect. Its as if I sent a request to whoever organizes those timetable and they granted my request. If I had to plan my exam timetable, I would have planned it just like that. I have a good 2 weeks left to study. I have been studying the hardest unit of them all which is 'FM303 - International Finance' because for the other 2 units I am also taking;  'Intermediate Microeconomics' and 'Environmental Economic' I feel that for both of them I can confidently say its "It Handled" (like how Olivia Pope say's it).

While I was studying today something crept up in my mind and then things just seemed to get a whole lot more complicated. Maybe its because of the lack of sleep, I think it is. Anyways so all this pieces of puzzles are flying around in my head. I had a lot of decision making to do, few compromises to make and some next steps to take. After a while a I went off to sleep on top of the study table because there was just too much thinking going on. When I woke a few minutes later I realized that there are just simple solutions to solving these problems. I finally resolved to just follow the easiest step, like derr it shouldn't be as hard as it seemed to me anyways. Again the advice that I gave to myself again; "Just do the Work! Simply do the work that needs to be done and let all else figure themselves out...Goshhh".

For this finals, I am just going to do the work, everything else will be sorted after finals. I have dreams and I will focus all my energy on accomplishing my dreams right now too. 

Cheers! XO XO. Wishing all the readers a simple and happier life!