Thursday, 10 November 2016

Lets just do it because it makes us happy.

Forget about everything else, what if we just do something because it makes us happy? Doing something that we believe in, something that gets us excited to wake up in the morning to face another day. What if we lived our life as we want it to be, what if we had total control over our life – like we are the driver and we are driving it to the destination where we want it to be heading.

What if we just took a leap of faith. Yeah I usually scratch my head at that idea too. It is not easy - isn’t it? To even get started is not easy. It’s scary especially from thoughts of various risks that are involved that flashes forward in our mind. Realistically so many things can go wrong. Taking a risk is not easy because its not safe. Generally safe is having a normal established career working for other people like normal people do and working till a certain retirement age where we can have a descent pension to sustain us in old age.

But than lets ask ourselves - Will that work for me? Is that better than taking a chance on my dreams? How does the normal pay off for other people? Would I be happy with that normal? How many things have I done so far that I have regretted? Would it be worse if I woke up one day realising all the times lost and the things I could have done  or regretting the mistakes that I will make that should push me further in pursuing a vision of my future I believe in? Think about it.

Then there is the other thing that makes it difficult to set up our mind to just go for it - the ‘deafening noise’ that confuses us and makes us loose touch with our inner voice. Other people with an opinion on how we should live our life. Those who feel that they know what’s best for us or those who just itch to fix our life or ‘make us great again’ (the Donald Trumps in our lives). It makes it hard for us to focus on the important things in life. It can make us doubt our abilities or the validity of our life goals.

I think we can build the courage to go for our dreams in full force without hesitations, so many people have done it and it has paid off for them a great deal. There are few important things that we need to do. Firstly we have to appreciate ourselves more, we have to start appreciating, acknowledging and respecting the things that make us unique and the things that makes us truly happy. We should get connected with our inner truth. You have to believe in yourself. We should try thinking back to when we were younger and more free - What were the things that made us happy then? What were we really passionate about then? What are some of the joyous things that you have lost along the way which you can bring back? What did you truly believe in? I believe that key to unlocking our great potential for the future lies in our past. We should embrace our past and use all that inspiration to propel us forward.

It’s also about connecting the dots and discovering things that has been consistent throughout our life. Can we see a pattern in things we have been involved in? If we can draw some sort of graph to account for all that we have done in the past, what is something that has been consistent there all along. Consistency is the key, I think it is sort of a key to having a balanced life. If we strive to be consistent in doing more and expanding on the things we love and things that means the most to us we shall always be proud and content no matter the outcome.

 Finally we have to put aside the goal of proving a point to other people or making other people happy. You should do it because you love it. You should do it because it makes you happy. You should do it because you believe in it with all your heart. Forget about the standard definitions of success in this world, our success should be based on personal contentment and satisfaction. Destroy the normal boxes that we are placed in, its a new age of great possibilities and people are redefining the standards and norms. We are at an age where we can create our own paths no matter how isolated it may feel at the beginning of our journey.

You and I just need to keep on doing what we want to do and what makes us happy. Just simply do it. Forget about what the gurus, the experts and the majority says of what we need to do or not to do. Forget about the strategies, forget about all that technicalities. Just go ahead and do it. Not even harsh criticisms and objections should distract you from your pursuit of happiness. You have to believe in the value of what you are fighting for and how it will add value to so many other people’s lives with your courage. But then it doesn’t feel like having courage at all because you were just doing what you love and what makes you happy - making other people happy is a great bonus.

Follow what your gut is telling you to do. Continue to ‘do something’, maintain consistency, continue improving and learn and grow along the way. It’s your life, you live it as you please and as you believe. You create your destiny and your path. Be happy. Do what makes you happy. Go ahead and create that life!