Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Just get started and continually master the art of improving.

Hi friends thanks for having me in your company. – “sounds a bit fake and like you are trying too hard”. Then how should I start this – “well you just started.” Okay. Hi there readers this week I wanted to talk about what I am trying to do this week – “aha..are you sure anyone want to hear about that?” Okay enough with that. Does that happen to you too when you try to get started on something. The critical voices that is so critical of everything we do. Sometimes it’s those voices that stops us from even starting. But darn it, be brave, puff your chest up to those critical voices and just get started anyways. Maybe by just going ahead, getting started and doing it anyways we can be more experienced enough to realize what needs to be improved as we progress.

Talking about improvement, for the past couple of days I have been asking myself what are some of the things I can do to improve something about me or maybe how I go about doing things. I thought to myself what if I try to at least improve something in a day. Wouldn’t that be productive? Ill be making full use of a day I am given, getting value out of it and not taking it for granted. Most times we are just carried away by the urgent day to day tasks that we forget to make improvements where it  is needed or making important improvements that brings us closer to the achieving of our life goals. I want to change that for myself.

They say that habits are formed in 21 days so what I have been doing is trying to be consistent with it in that period of 21 days and tracking myself. It takes a little bit of effort to do this within that habit forming period – I know because I am not always eager to do it every time when I wake up in the morning. So every morning I am waking up and repeating to myself ‘I am going to improve something’ a few times and once I am all excited, revved up and in the mood, I start searching my mind for something to improve today. For now I am starting with the little things like trying to be a little more tidier and organized, having a good posture or moving about a bit more faster. Very significantly I have been working towards silencing the critical voices and just going ahead getting started and doing things. I have been also trying to have a bit more stamina. Small inconsequential things really, it’s all about tiny steps and bigger momentum.

I am actually doing this deliberately, it’s nothing that just popped up in my mind and I decided to go for it. I would like to make it a habit, the habit to identify areas that needs improving and to work on it. Instead of dreading life and feeling inundated complaining how things are not going the way I would like it to be, I am going to find things to improve and throw my energy into that. I am going to be constructive and work towards continuous improvement, we wouldn’t be able to do that if it is not in our nature so it takes practice. Again practicing on smaller things first.

That’s what the world demands, people who are able to improve things. So we should acquire the eye for improving things. How can I do better? How can I make it work better? Things like that we should think about. Probably in a few months we can ‘master the art of improving’ and we can go ahead and identify bigger things to improve or we can be more strategic with what we want to improve, aligning it to our life goals. Note down your life goals (I have and it’s exciting looking at it) and slowly improve things so we are on the track to achieving them ensuring that nothing stands in the way.

Thanks for your time. I would like to hear from you how much of an expert or how not so much of an expert (like me) you are at identifying things to improve. I really love hearing people’s stories, I get excited and inspired by it. But be warned I might get too interested and cyber stalk you.. ahahahaha.. not in a creepy way. Anyways Happy mastering the art of improving everyone!!