Thursday, 24 September 2015

Novel Update 01: A Pen, A Paper & Some Great Ideas

I want to write a book! Like Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie, Kathryn Stockett, Elizebeth Gilbert and J.K Rowling. This idea of writing a book was conceived last year after watching the promo video for Beyonce and Jay Z's 'On The Run Concert'. After watching the video, ideas and images started exploding in my head like fireworks and I could even feel the intensity of some of the major scenes that will be in my Novel. Ever since than I have clutched on to it tightly, never letting it go.

The Novel has had its name changed 2 times. I first named it 'Together they did' but then I changed its title to something that is of personal significance to me, it carries great sentimental value. The novel is actually based on the lives of 2 teenage boys (One 20 years old and the another 19 years old) who have a strong chemistry and as the story progress form a bond that goes beyond anything that they have been shown to be acceptable and normal in the small community they come from. It follows their journey as they defy all odds that stands in the way of their happiness and to live their true self. 

So far my writing had the intensity of the video above but then it also had some essence of a Nicholas Sparks novel. That's until I read the book 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett and it just tottally changed my mind on the direction of where I wanna take this novel to. That book somehow made me despise the Nicholas Sparks themes. I feel that the the story line should be more authentic and addresses real issues that prevail in the society and in this case with regards to the LGBTIQ community. So far I have been enjoying every minute of reading 'The Help'. The book takes out those awkward to look at and talk about dirty laundry and sun's it out. The struggles, hardships and alienation suffered by the characters in the novel 'The Help' is something similar in nature to what the LGBTIQ community faces. Uniqueness has to be acknowledged; in some ways we can say that the African Americans seeking freedom had it harder and also in some ways too the LGBTIQ community has it harder.  I want my novel to document the real lives of LGBTIQ individuals living here in Fiji. Their moments of joy, sadness, their insecurities and also their triumphs. 

I have been feeling guilty of being super imaginative and inventive with my novel. Then I come across J.K Rowling who is all about the exploitation of the imagination. J,K Rowling a billionaire author whose work has not only been made into a series of hugely successful movies but also into a theme park, making the world of Harry Potter come to life.The Harry Porter books sold more than 350 million copies worldwide. In the book J.K Rowling also used her life experiences to inspire the characters, setting and events. For instance the Dementors which sucks the life and happiness out of the living was born out of the time when she was going through clinical depression. In an interview she vividly describes what depression is like and that is the same illustration that I had in my mind. I even wrote this long post on Facebook with similar words and description that J.K Rowling used. I never was a big fan of Harry Porter growing up nor was I interested in reading thick books back then. Now I am at the right age and mindset to devour that all Harry Porter books from 'The sorcerers stone' to 'The Deathly Hollows.'  I am scheduling it in my reading list. I am reading a variety of materials now just to give me a range of models on how to write a good book.

For now I created myself some writing goals and improvements and they are listed below: 
  • Get more acquainted with writing using pen and paper to not only note down my ideas but to actually write drafts and finals copies. This is for more flexibility, enabling me write wherever and whenever.
  • Have a more neater and readable handwriting.
  • Consistently write for mental health and also to further sharpen this writing skill of mine.
  • All blog posts to be handwritten. Again for flexibility in creating content and we can focus on further sparkling up the content on the computer. The backbone and the soul should be on pen and paper. Inspired by J.K Rowling. 
Till then, I shall continue to write. Simply write. All I should need is a pen, a paper and some great ideas.