Saturday, 26 September 2015

What did I learn about myself to never be repeated? (As Oprah asked J.K Rowling).

Last week was a very tough week, something I feared the most actually happened. I took a risk, fully aware of the consequences from the beginning and I actually thought I had it handled. Clearly it's obvious now that everything went so wrong and the situation got out of hand, thus the reason why I was messed up for 1 week. From the beginning my gut kept on telling me that I shouldn't get too close with these group of people and very importantly not to give my trust to them because they might misuse it. I never want to be used; I hate the feeling of being used. It's degrading and it irritates me. I was defeated, the trolls misused my trust and I had to face some tough consequences. I am so thankful to those who truly matter and care for coming through for me in that very difficult time and helping me go through it.

Now before going through these series of events I watched Oprah Winfrey and Author J.K Rowling's interview ( & thank God I did because it helped me deal with this situation better) and one question that stood out for me was Oprah asking J.K Rowling; "What did you learn about yourself to never be repeated?" It's this same question that I asked myself as I was undergoing the consequences of the risk that I took.

Asking myself that question first of all helped me Calm Down and even though it was very challenging at times I wanted to come out of this ordeal as calmly and graceful as possible. Thinking about that question made me think deeply about the whole event very constructively. I made a few important mental notes on what I have learnt and what I should never ever be repeating again. I was anxious every single day of how worse this problem could turn out but then doing other things and keeping myself busy and happy helped eased the suffering. Personally I am a person who highly prioritize living life fully everyday and I seldom allow anything to keep me from doing just that. I also told myself that this situation should make me a better person and it should prepare me for the bigger things in life which might come with equally bigger problems.

So what did I learn about myself that I hope to never repeat ever again?
I will never associate myself with fools again. I will toughen my defense mechanism and protective barrier against bad associations. I am talking about the messed up people who are deeply entrenched in leading messed up lives and are enjoying every bit of pulling other people into their messed up world with their manipulation and ruthlessness. Zero tolerance for them period.

I know that there are many people out there in the world who have been pulled or maybe potentially pulled into messed up situation through manipulation. Hence I think it's very important that we be cautious of being manipulated emotionally. A simple solution would be to never tolerate any kind of nonsense at all, and always be using our head over heart in situations where our gut tells us it's risky. It's like a battle trust me, just like the movie that is made by Steve Harvey's book 'Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man", we have to be on our toes protecting ourselves from being played and thrown under the bus for some else's pleasure.

Life is more enjoyable and productive when we live our lives with positive people leading positive lives and adding a great deal positive value to our lives. So friends be happy but beware at the same time.