Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Hello Its Me Again.

I have been nervous of writting my 1st blog post for this year. So tonight I have gathered some strength to atleast come out of my shell and say 'Hello!"

Finally I have Graduated with a Degree in Economics and Finance a few months ago on March 14, yes I will always remember that date because it was the special day I have been working so hard towards for the last 4 years of my life and 6 years if you include the 2 years in highschool as a senior student praying for an entrance into University. I am proud of that moment.

I am so relieved that chunk of my life has been done and over with. Back then I have always tried to imagine how life would be at this very moment of my life I am at now. I have been making plans and goals to be worked towards after graduation back then with so much hope and passion.

That time is now. Now its time to do the exciting work, put things back into perspective, make actions and bring imaginations and dreams to life.

Let's go....