Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Successful People I am Stalking This Month.

I have this special hobby of stalking successful people and personalities that I love. I would watch all their interviews and biographical videos and also updating myself by binge watching or reading some of their works. Thanks to You Tube and the Internet it's easier to do this and I am able to have an endless reserve of amazing people to choose from.

The reason behind why I am drawn to stalk a particular person usually differs and it depends on my situation whether negative or positive. I also like to watch people who validate the fact that my struggle or my current life situation is normal and I can overcome it triumphantly. Very importantly it teaches me how to become a better person, that person may show me traits, skills or qualities that I would like to embody myself. The fact that I have a lot of people who I follow means that I can never be labelled a copy cat.

This month I am following 3 special people and they are Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Vanessa Williams and for the second time making it to my list it is the fabulous Tyra Banks. I love all these women; they are Iconic, full of wisdom, persistent, resilient, talented, hardworking and they are all survivors. 

So what draws me to these 3 ladies? (Hmmm good question)

Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche.
One of my goals for this year has been to read a lot of books, engage in them and feel the messages that emanates from these books. I hope that by reading books I could become more wiser, articulate and intelligent. Another one of my goals is to start writing a Novel and that is slowly coming along, unfolding beautifully. So I feel that with these goals it's important for me to follow some talented authors and read their work. I came across Chimamanda on TedTalk where she made a powerful speech about Feminism and latter on her name was permanently registered in my mind after Beyonce used parts of that very Speech in her song 'Flawless'. So these goals that I have perfectly align with all that she has done and what she represents. I also like the fact that she is a person who digs deep and critically thinks about human lives, actions and events. She deeply thinks and talks about human behaviors and human communities. I do just about the same thing she does and the subjects she talks about are the very subjects that interests me. Among my friends I like to do that kind of talking but it's really nice to listen too and converse about such things. Chimamanda is a friend I would love to have and the very kind of writer that I would love to be. I am planning on reading her book 'The Yellow Sun' soon (after I finish reading 'The Help') and also watch it's movie adaptation. I hope to read all her other works soon.

Vanessa Williams
I have always loved Vanessa Williams as not only is she very beautiful but also because she is so entertaining to watch. Even though she played this mean character Wilhelmina Slater on 'Ugly Betty' I loved her on that show and I felt that she was one of the draw cards to the show itself. Even though I was a big fan of her work, I have never took an interest in delving more into her personal story and to know more of who she is as a person until very recently. I came across this CNN article talking about how the Miss America Organisation apologized to Vanessa for the controversy that made her give back her tittle 10 months into her reign as Miss America of 1983. It was something that the CEO Sam Haskell said that really drew me to Vanessa and made me wanna know more about her story. He told Vanessa: "You have lived your life in grace and dignity" and for me to be able to do that even through demeaning controversy is really admirable because it takes so much strength. I want to be able to do that and I have to admit that after going through all of Vanessa's interviews and bio's I have learnt so much and I feel very confident and ready to take on any negativity that comes my way.  She also discussed a lot about excruciating rejection and hate and how she dealt with. I feel stronger now more than ever after listening to her. She is someone who was persistent and continued to prove to others her worth. I love Vanessa and her story her resilience and hardwork.

Tyra Banks
The fierce and fabulous Tyra Banks is back with a new Panel talk show similar to 'The View' called 'The FABLife'. I have done a major stalking of her in the past. I had this phase that lasted for months where it was just all about Tyra Banks. She has an inspirational and a powerful story. Many of you who would have watched Tyra would agree that she is a uniquely entertaining gem to watch. She makes you feel good. She can make you laugh and she could also make you cry. She is a genuine human being who is beautiful in the inside and the out and is uplifting millions of people out there with her realness. She works so hard to redefine the perception of beauty and she is a big sister who stands up to big bullies out there who try to degrade people's self esteem by making the spectrum of beauty very narrow and unattainable. Also the story of her struggles at the beginning of her career and how she overcame all those adversities she faced is reassuring that there are many doors to success and just because one door is closed at you doesn't mean its over, if nothing convinces you than her story should be a good proof of the possibilities. I would like to re look at all these videos again reaffirm to myself some of the great messages that I have learnt from the flawsome, fierce and fabulous Tyra.

Do you like to follow people? Who do you follow and why?